the last memory of you

eventhough u’re gone

eventhough u’re not here anymore

but ur smile created in my brain permanently

so glad to knew you

so glad for spent my time with you

now i know for sure that u r the best i’ve ever met

ur laugh and ur cry, ur happyness and ur sadness, i saw all of them…

i saw u sick of ur pain, tired of wounds of ur life

and i kissed ur forehead for the last time

i put my finger through ur hair

i did it !!!

and finally u reached the final destination……………………………… and i saw it

i love u…

special 4 u, my beloved friend, the best friend ever

buat ivonia astri nesha (25 Agust 1990 – 28 Okt 2011)


Tentang jayamaharosni

i am not a girl, not yet a woman
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